Compiled by Dr. K. Jayanandan

Past State Leader, K.G.M.O.A

The first batch office bearers elected on that memorable day was follows

President – Dr. P.I. Jacob, DMO(H), Cannanore.

Vice-Presidents – Dr. M.K. Madhavan – DMO(H), Palghat.

Dr. C.M. Joseph, DMO(H), Trichur.

Dr. K.N.K Menon, DMO(H), Alleppey.

Hony. Secretary – Dr. K.P.B. Nair, Palghat.

Treasurer – Dr. K. Mukundan, Palghat.

Joint Secretaries _ Dr. K.T. Mathew, Quilon.

Dr. K.V. Madhavan Nair, Cannanore.

Dr. Alexander Varghese, Trichur.

District Representatives – Dr. V.R. Nair, Trivandrum .

Dr.. P. Srinivasan, Quilon.

Dr. Dr. M.N. Soman, Alleppy.

Dr. P.N. Bhaskaran, Kottayam.

Dr. Dr. K.M. Issac, Ernakulam.

Dr. V.K. Rajan, Trichur.

Dr. K.P. Achutha Menon, Palghat.

Dr. C.E. Oomman, Cannanore.

Dr. M.C. Damodaran, Calicut .

(As Dr. M.C. Damodaran declined Dr. P.B. Jose Samson was later elected in his place).

After the re-organization of the Kerala State in 1956 Indian Medical Association was the Organization looking after the interest of the Government doctors – both Health Services and Medical Colleges. Indian Medical Association was interested in the overall issues of doctors in general, the specific service problems of the government doctors were not satisfactorily looked into. During discussions with the government, Mr. PRASAD IAS, then adviser of government of Kerala, refused to discuss about the service problems of the government doctors by the Indian Medical Association and he requested to meet him after forming an Association exclusively of doctors of Kerala Health Services. This suggestion of the government advisor Mr. Prasad formed the nidus of formation of Kerala Government Medical Officers’ Association. In other words credit can be given to Mr. PRASAD for initiating to the formation of our Association. Dr. K.P.B Nair of Thrissur, under the instigation of some District Medical Officers of Health, sent a circular dated 19/01/1966 for convening a General Body meeting at Thrissur District Hospital on 17th April, 1966. Dr.P.I Jacob (Cannanore, District Medical Officer of Health) was elected as the first (Founder) President of Kerala Government Medical Officers Association and Dr. K.P.B Nair(Thrissur) was elected as the (Founder) General Secretary. They presented a byelaw to the government and sanction was accorded as per G.O (MS) 352/66, dated 2/09/1966. Thus the Kerala Government Medical Officers Association has been registered as a State Service Organization and the formal inauguration was made by then Health Secretary Mr. KOCHU KOSHY IAS on 26th August 1966 at Thrissur.

Few months before the formation of the KGMOA the post graduates in the Health Services Department had formed an association known as Kerala Health Services Post-graduate Specialist Association (PGSA) recognized by Government on 11th May, 1966. Fortunately this never created any serious injury to our Association. The Calicut members took the leadership. On 2nd October 1966 they inaugurated the first district branch and elected office bearers. The lead given by the Calicut doctors did not stop with the formation of the first district branch. Under the leadership of the president and DMOH , Dr. K.K. Thirupad, they made great strides ahead. They designed our EMBLEM and drafted the PLEDGE. Again, they took the lead in printing and publishing the first ever KGMOA Bulletin. They also laid the foundation of Taluk units by holding the Working Committee meetings at different taluk head quarters.


The first achievement was the obtaining of a Government order to stop remittance of Rs. 1.50 to Government Treasury out of the Rs. 3/- received as Medical Certificate fee, vide G.O. 33/67/HLD, dated at Trivandrum, 31st January 1967. Later, the fee could be enhanced to Rs. 5/-. Next team of office bearers for the year 1967-68 were Dr. MV. Abraham (District Medical Officer of Health, Kottayam) and Dr. Mukundan – as General Secretary.Venue-Kottayam (Even though they submitted several representations to Government, Nothing came out fruitful.)

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Dr. K.M. Dominic was elected as President and Dr. Mukundan was re-elected as General Secretary. Venue-Ernakulam. This team initiated the agitation mood of K.G.M.O.A. by the movement for observance of a “Protest Day” and for a “Mass Casual leave” by the KGMOA. Even though this movement did not materialize due to the timely intervention of the then Chief Minister E.M.S. Namboodiripad who invited the office Bearers for a talk. Then our office bearer went to secretariat to meet the then Health Minister Willington he refused to see our leaders. Surprisingly he was seen entertaining leaders of our paramedical staff and was receiving their memorandum. Our leaders were frustrated and they decided to observe a Mass casual leave for one day. But only less than 200 cl applications were received, that to with their oral statement that they will work on that day. It this gender Chief Minister EMS intervened and cordially invited the leaders for a discussion. Saying that, “I am prepared to hear your grievances and met them. After getting the representation, he said that you can take the whole amount (Rs.5/-) and need not deposit 50% in treasury and your demand is genuine. They were very happy. At this juncture, EMS told them, that “I know that KGMOA is a weak organization and threatening of mass casual leave will not succeed. I am hearing you because you doctors are in the higher strata of the society, and your services which you render people is very essential. Hence, you doctors should not be allowed to study how to do agitations, which is against the interest of people”. What a vision and statesmanship he had! The present day administrators compel us to agitate for redressel even for genuine grievances.

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The next team of office bearers for the year 1969-70 was Dr. Sivaraman (President) and late Dr. M.S. Hasheer. Venue-Quilon. For the first time in the history of State medical profession, in 1969, K.G.M.O.A organized a “Silent Procession” starting from Museum junction to Government Secretariat, Trivandrum, highlighting our demands and grievances.

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Next year, 1970-71, Dr. S. Chidambaram Pillai took over as the President with late Dr. P. Krishnamoorthy as the General Secretary.Venue-Trivandrum only less than 20 members attend the General body. During this period Government agreed to stop the practice of bringing Doctors from Medical Colleges to fill up the vacancies like Principals of Family Planning Training Centres. Also, the fees for medical certificates were enhanced and Honorary contract system of appointment of Doctors were stopped. Our request for reservation of seats in the Medical Colleges (Post-graduate admission) was declined by the Government.

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Next year – 1971-72: Dr. P. Sreenivasan was elected as the President and Dr. George Joseph as Secretary. Venue-Palaghat.During this period, banning of private practice by Govt. doctors in the private hospitals was done by Government, Health Minister being Mr. N.K. Balakrishnan. The year 1971 witnessed a declining trend of interest from our members.

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During 1972-73, Dr. P.B. Jose Samson was the President and Dr. P.K. Mohammed Ali from Malappuram (Perinthalmanna) as General Secretary.Venue-Palaghat. Dr. Mohammed Ali was never seen in the K.G.M.O.A arena after the election. Hence Dr. Jose Samson himself was leading the Association during whole period. He tried his level best to strengthen the Association alone. His hard work enabled to revive all the existing 10 district braches. During his two years tenure he could establish a strong base for the Association and the membership rose to 50%.

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1973-74: President was Dr. P.B. Jose Samson and Dr. K. Krishnankutty from Trichur was the Secretary and they were elected in the annual General Body held at Hotel Dwaraka in Ernakulam. This period was full of Association activities. The K.G.M.O.A ‘s Association year was changed from the financial year to the present calendar year. K.G.M.O.A initiated the formation of a combined Association of professionals, both Government doctors and Government sector Engineers. The Association was called, ENDOC-KERALA. A grand meeting was held in Trivandrum in the Institute of Engineers Hall. But, later on, it had a natural death due to disinterest from both parties. A new modified Byelaw committee was formed under Dr.R.P.Raja, Dr.KrishnanKutty and Dr.P.K.Namaboodiri.

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1975: Dr. Krishnamoorthy was elected as President and Dr. P. V. George as General Secretary at Quilon. During this period, the issues of allocating points to hold Units in District Hospitals and D.P.H. consideration for promotion of higher posts, came up.

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1976 : Dr. P.K. Namboothiri was elected as the president and Dr. V.C Velayudhan Pillai as General Secretary at Kottayam Mamman Mappila Hall.During this period, the membership reached to 1100 from 500. Health Services doctors got 5% weightage for Post Graduate admission for rural service. KGMOA entered into social service activities by inaugurating the first KGMOA Drug Bank in General Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram by the then Health Minister Sri. N.K. Balakrishnan. First time K.G.M.O.A Started observance of “ASSOCIATION DAY” during this period; similarly the launching of the publishing of our FIRST JOURNAL. It was published on 21.10.1976 on a function held in Trivandrum T.B.Association hall. The first issue was released by the then Health Minister Shri.N.K.Balakrishsnan, Dr. C.D Radhakrishan,quilon was the first editor.

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1977: Dr. K.K. Abraham as President and Dr. A. Joseph Thomas elected as Secretary at Ernakulam annual general body meeting, at Lotus Club. Dr.K.K.Abraham had very close rapport with Minister J.Chitharajan the then Health Minister of Kerala. Their discussion with Mr.Chitharanjan who was a trade union leader(AITUC) secretary were very cordial and lasting for ours together even up to early morning of next day. They use to drink Kattan Coffee and smoking beedies as if they are of equal trade union status.Thus during that period KGMOA had a saying in the policies of Health matters of the state.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”1978″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President – Dr. P.N.Gopalakrishnan
General Secretary – Dr. Joseph Thomas (Re-elected)
Venue – Ernakulam – Lotusclub
During this period also there was a good relationship with the Government in the Health matters.

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Dr. R.P. Raja as President and Dr. P.G. George as General Secretary at Quilon annual general body meeting.

Association had a good rapport with the then Health Minister Mr. K.P. Prabhakaran who was responsible for bringing out a genuine and fair transfer list. On 31-7-1979, Government published the long cherished seniority list of Government Doctors. K.G.M.O.A member was included in Travancore-Cochin Medical Council. During 1979, Government approved the High Power Committee Report. The issue of Quilon- Medical Library and Doctor’s recreation club came up during October, 1979 and the first K.G.M.O.A owned building was gone out of hands of K.G.M.O.A. A new K.G.M.O.A bye-law committee was also constituted to incorporate fresh amendments under the Chairmanship of Dr. R. P. Raja.

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Dr. V.C. Velayudhan Pillai was elected as the State President and Dr. A. Sankara Pillai as State Secretary. Venue-Kannur.The organizational year of 1980 was a turbulent one due to the rigid attitude of the then Health Minister Vakkom Purushothaman towards K.G.M.O.A. many of the Association leaders including Dr. Sankara Pillai were placed under suspension or untimely transfer. The Hospital service co-ordination Committee took out a procession and a “Vahana Pracharana Jeep Jadha” starting from Kasargode to Trivandrum on 2nd October 1980. Thus the year 1980 was a turning point in the history of K.G.M.O.A. During no other period in the history of KGMOA it faced so much adversity and threat to its very existence.

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Dr. A. Sankara Pillai – President and Dr. P.G. George – General Secretary.

They were elected on the 14th General Body meeting held at Palakkad. K.G.M.O.A creditably withstood all types of onslaughts by the belligerent administration. K.G.M.O.A leaders were arrested and

remanded in jail for 2 days for leading a procession to the residents of then Health Minister Sri Vakkom Purushothaman, the leaders were on tender-hooks with regard to further action, from the Government and it was only after months, their cases were withdrawn, when the government changed and the N.D.P. Minister Sri Sunderasan Nair took over as Health Minister. Also during 1981, the Honorary Members forum came into existence with late Dr. P. Krishnamoorthy as its Chairman.

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Dr. T.K. Aravindakshan Nair – President and Dr. N.K. Thomas Vaidyan – General Secretay. Venue of the annual General body meeting was the Panchajanyam Auditorium, in Trivandrum. Our relationship with the government had improved. Soon, Sri K.G. R. Kartha of N.D.P became the next health Minister and K.G.M.O.A’s relations with him were also excellent. This year could be considered as one with great achievements.

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1983: Dr. P.T. Cherian – President and Dr. K. P. Sukumara Pillai – Secretary. Venue: Lions Community Hall, Gandhi Nagar, Ernakulam. During this period the membership rose upto 2039. building fund collection was started during this year. Mr. K.P. Ramachandran Nair of Alappuzha replaced K.G.R. Kartha as the new Health Minister in 1983. The 20% reservation for Post –graduate Diploma was enhanced to 40%. Pathanamthitta District branch was formally inaugurated by state president Dr.P.T.Cheriyan on 9/04/1983, Dr.Gopinathan Nair as President and Dr.M.A.Mohammed as Secretary.

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President – Dr. P.T. Cheriyan and

Secretary – Dr. K.P. Sukumara Pillai.

Venue Sangeetha Nataka Academy Auditorium, Thrissur

Membership rose up to 2115. Kasargod branch was formed during this period Dr.Balakrishna Kunikullaya aspresident and Dr.C.K.Chandrasekharan as secretary. Dr.P.T.Cheriyan formally inaugurated at a meeting held at kanhangadu merchants association hall. Dr. Kannan and Dr. Koshi incident occurred during this year in which they were arrested under I.P.C 304 following the death of a woman after abortion. The constitution of an expert committee started during this year to probe ‘death on professional negligence’ before arresting a doctor. Also we could get back the Calicut and Thrissur mental hospitals to Health Services. KGMOA supported the Medicos, the House Surgeons and PG Students in their agitation against PG Course at Angamali. A Building Committee was constituted with Dr.K.P. Sukumara Pillai as its convener.


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President – Dr. T.K. Aravindakshan Nair

General Secretary – Dr. N.K. Thomas Vaidyan.

Venue – Annual General Body meeting Basic Training School Thiruvalla.

The membership steepfell to 1669, due to the separation of E.S.I on 17th April. Our purchased building in Thiruvananthapuram was jointly inaugurated by Dr. P.T Cheriyan and Dr. K.P. Sukumara Pillai. Government issued a circular memorandum No.58077/SSA2/84/Home dated 18/9/1985, streamlining the action to be taken on cases of ‘Hospital Death’. The pay Commission report accepted our claim to convert the Non-practicing allowance of Primary Health Centres as compensatory allowance. The ratio between Asst. Surgeon and Civil Surgeon was made 3:1. After 20 years of service we were allowed Civil Surgeon (Non-cadre) promotion and N.P.A were enhanced.

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1986: President – Dr. P.G. George

Secretary – Dr. K.V. Viswanathan

Venue – Palakkad

Dr.A.Sankarapillai-the Livewire of KGMOA was the Presidents Nominee in Trivandrum during this period. The20th Association day was observed in Trivandrum inaugurated by then DHS Dr.T.V.Surendranath. Due to the lack of foresight,we missed a glorious opportunity of purchasing the adjacent land which was soon purchased by the Nurses and midwifes council. Many times we had to agitate against the Government and every time we own. We became a force to be reckoned with. We obtained the admiration of various other service organization. We with stood various attempt to splinter our organization to AGGMO(Association of Graduate Government Medical Officers) AMA(Administrative Medical Officers Association) A committee was constituted to write the history of KGMOA with members like Dr.R.P.Raja Dr.V.C.Velayudhan Pillai, Dr.A.Sankara Pillai and Dr.P.V.George. The duties and RMO’s/ARMO’s were published in page 12 of the June issue of the Journal 1987.

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President – Dr. N.K. Thomas Vaidyan.

Secretary – Dr. P.N. Raghavan

Venue – Kottayam Mamman Mappila Hall.

Revised orders on the duties of R.M.Os and A.R.M.Os were published in 1987 and also Government order defining the payment of Rs. 100/- for post-mortem.

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President – Dr. N. Prasannavadanan

Secretary – Dr. C. Ranjith

Venue – Tagore Centenary Hall, Calicut

The year witnessed the withdrawal of Dr. Kannan Koshy case by Government and constituting the Expert Committee of Doctors only to study cases of Hospital deaths, of suspected negligence. Also, this year witnessed the Medical students’ strike against Government’s K.M.P. bill, which did not get Indian President’s assent in 1973. It is to be noted that within 48 hours of K.G.M.O.A’s decision to enter the strike arena, the strike of the medical students came to an end. The year also made to remember the sad demise of Dr. A. Sankara Pillai K.G.M.O.A. LIVE WIRE on July 30th at Trivandrum Medical College following a heart attack. During 1978 & 1979 he was the presidents nominee in Trivandrum consecutively. During 1980 he was the General Secretary Of KGMOA. During 1981 he was the president of KGMOA. These two years period was a Turbulent period in the History of KGMOA. The then Health Minister Shri.Vakkom Purushothaman suspended him which proved a turning point in the History of KGMOA. Sankarapillai organized a state wide Hospital co ordination committee by liking together all categories of staff starting from part time sweeper to Medical Officers. In this movement myself, Dr. R.P.Raja,Dr.V.C.Velayudhan Pillai closely associated with him. In spite of severe confrontation with the Minister and few of our members we stood all the bombodarments of the Minister. His tongue was very sharp, his views were deep routed and well studying and his foresight was commendable. He with stood the internal and external pressures which try to destroy KGMOA. He strongly adhered to our Association even at the risk of termination from the service by the Minister. His departure had a great void in the hearts many and in the Association for a long time. He up held the unity and the dignity of the Association till his death. He was fully and totally immeasured in the Association activity to the last movement of his death on July 30th 1988.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”1989″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President – Dr. P.K. Gangadharan Nair

Secteraty – Dr. K. Jayaram

Venue – Kannoor Town Hall

(DR. Sankara Pillai Nagar).

The whole year was mostly dedicated to keeping the sanctity of modern medicine against mixing up of different systems of medicine i.e., against myxopathy. Even though the strike was unconditionally withdrawn we had several achievements. The portrait of Dr. A. Sankara Pillai was unveiled at the K.G.M.O.A Headquarters Building on 15-10-1989 by Director of Health Services, Dr. T. K. Aravindakshan Nair. The State election was declared invalid by the emergency State Committee due to the fraudulent action of Dr. M.A. Pillai contestant for the post of State President. There was counter-feting of the ballot papers and removal of genuine ballots from the box; Dr. Jayanandan was the Returning Officer.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”1990″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President – Dr.P.K. Gangadharan Nair

Secretary – Dr.C.K. Chandrasekharan.

Venue – Kasargod Chinmaya Hall

The new team submitted a memorandum and subsequently a dharna was conducted in front of the secretariat. Medical Students again started their strike against Government’s attitude of favoritism to Ayurveda/Homoeo sections. On 7th May our discussion with government failed. Association decided to have a 24 hrs strike on May 10th. On the May 9th the Houses of Kannuur leaders were attacked. The strike was a grand success. From July 2nd KGMOA started “non-co-operation with the Government, doing work for the payment alone if payment is not given for the work done”. On December 15th again conducted Dharna in front of the secretariat. President Dr. P.K. Gangadharan Nair was arrested on 27th July at Kannur alleging that he has taken bribe from a patient’s relative at his house for treatment at the Hospital which was politically instigated. On July 30th all major Hospitals in Kerala were closed protesting against the above action. Soon Government yielded to our demands and ordered a high level enquiry.

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President Dr. K. Jayaram

Secretary Dr. K. Dinesh

Venue Thiruvananthapuram Co-Operative Bank Auditorium

Dr. K. Jayaram laid the foundation stone of KGMOA silver Jubilee building on 17th April. On 2nd May, a Mass-Fast was organized in front of Secretariat to get our pay increased and submitted a memorandum to Government. One Computer was purchased for office. On 19th July, Mr. R. Ramachandran Nair, the new Health Minister was given reception. Also a new by-law Committee was formed under the Chairmanship of Dr. K. Jayanandan.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”1992″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President Dr. C.K.Chandrasekharan

Secretary Dr. T.S Vijayakumar

Venue Quilon C. Kesavan Memorial Hall

KGMOA organized a Jadha and Dharna in the front of Secretariat on 21st October 1992 to protest against the injustice done to us by the pay equalization Committee. A ‘Vahana Pracharana Jadha’ was organized from Kasargod to Thiruvananthapuram from 25-11-1992 to 1-12-1992. Age limit of Health Services doctors for P.G admission was enhanced from 45 years to 47 years by our efforts. KGMOA rose to many occasions safe-guard the victimized members by Government and public during the year and thus a strong base was formed for launching future agitations for enhancement of pay and allowances.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”1993″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President Dr. C. Renjith

Secretary Dr. T.S Vijayakumar

Venue Thrissur – Hotel Elite Auditorium

This year witnessed the real solidarity of the members of K.G.M.O.A. Membership rose to 2254 – an all time high record.

An indefinite hunger strike was under taken for the first time in front of the secretariat, demanding central parity on 6/9/1993 inaugurated by Dr. R.P Raja. Participants were Dr. C. Renjith, Dr. P.K Rasheed, Dr. A.P Sasikumar and Dr. V.K Moideen. After 6 days the second team replaced the first team of doctors.

On 10/9/1993 K.G.M.O.A conducted ONE DAY TOKEN STRIKE which was 100% successful. On 4/11/1993 official discussion with Chief Minister and Health Minister failed and KGMOA went for the HISTORICAL INDEFINITE STRIKE from 5th November 1993. The strike was 100% successes. Police has started arresting K.G.M.O.A leaders on the previous day and all the alternative ad-hoc arrangement for working of the hospital by government miserably failed. The state IMA planned a total medical Bandh on 12/11/1993. The Chief Minister Sri K. Karuanakaran called the Association for a meeting at Cochin on 11/11/1993 along with I.M.A. The discussion failed at Cochin; but continued at Thiruvananthapuram. As a result of Thiruvananthapuram discussion the Medical Bandh was withdrawn on 12/11/1993.

Government have agreed to appoint Dr. C.V Prathapan, the retired Director of Health Services as one man Commission. This was a great achievement for the K.G.M.O.A. All cases taken against Doctors were withdrawn. We could get special seniority cell established in the Directorate of Health Services for helping in the promotion at the right time. Medical Certificate fees were enhanced. K.G.M.O.A obtained a judgment from the Honble’ High Court of Kerala to implement the ratio promotion and as a result we got 144 Civil Surgeons grade 1 posted in the newly created posts. PG Degree seats were increased from 11 to 25 and Diploma seats to 40. The age limit raised to 48 from 47 years. We could redress various types of anomalies from the government, during this year. Government agreed to install award to our doctors on 1st July every year. In the field of social activities, donated 1 lakh rupees to the earth-quake victims of Lathur and 10 boxes of medicines. A committee was formed to prepare a working manual for K.G.M.O.A with Dr. K. Jayanandan as its chairman.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”1994″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President Dr. P.K Mohammed Rasheed .

Secretary Dr. K.I. Silvanose

Venue Ernakulam T.D.M Hall

This was the 27th Annual Conference which was inaugurated by then Chief Minister of Kerala Shri.K.Karunakaran on 16.01.1994. The Association day was celebrated at Palakkad on 17/4/1994. On the same day a special General Body meeting was conducted and amended the election bylaws to enable the election at district level, replacing the existing postal ballot system. The sub committee report was given to Dr. Prathapan on 4-5-1994 and then the modified report given on 31-8-1994, the chief Minister agreed to finalize the report by 1st of January, after several meetings with him.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”1995″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President Dr. Thomas Varghese

Secretary Dr. P. Santhosh

Venue Kottayam – K.P.S. Menon Hall at Public Library Buildings

At the General Body meeting at Kottayam, Sri. K. Karunakaran (Chief Minister) boldly announced the proclamation of Prathapan Commission report. He entrusted. Mr. Gopal krishna Pillai IAS (Health Secretary) to speed up the necessary action and issue `‘‘‘Government Orders during the course of his historical speech. It was really a Golden year of culmination of long cherished saga of agitation and sacrifice. When we were waiting at venue of Kottayam Public library building there were 200 DYFI workers blocked the main road and obstructed the CMs arrival. But as per the strict instruction of CM police arrested all the DYFI workers and leader reached at the stage and we were very happy to receive him. It was a good jester and tribute to KGMOA by leader Karunakaran. At this juncture KGMOA record our gratitude and affection on the sad demise of leader Karunakaran. On 24 th December 2010.Also this year witnessed the sad incident of Dr. Santhosh’s suicide and forced relinquishment of State Treasurer Dr. M.D. Raveendran, who had allegedetly associated with Dr. Ramakrishnan then DHS for involving with corruption in Transfers and Postings of Medical Officers. An emergency Annual General Body Meeting was held at Ramavarma Club Auditorium on July 23rd and elected Dr. A.P. Sasikumar as Hony. General Secretary in place of Late Dr. P. Santhosh and Dr. Sunny P. Orathel elected as the State Treasurer in place of Dr. M.D. Raveendran at a general body meeting at Ernakulam. Mr. V.M. Sudheeran was the then Health Minister.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”1996″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President : Dr. T.S. Vijayakumar

Secretary : Dr. A.P. Sasikumar

Venue : Palakkad

This year witnessed the active functioning of the office bearers in getting various government orders based on the recommendations promised in the Prathapan Committee report.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”1997″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President : Dr. T. S Vijayakumar

Dr. Alex Franklin subsequently since Dr. T.S Vijayakumar joined for P.G course.

Secretary : Dr. K.N Prasad

Venue : Thrissur at Hotel Casino

This year also, Association continued its non-co-operation attitude to government health programmes. As per the decision of the emergency state committee at Ernakulam, KGMOA gave notice to government informing further strengthening of its agitation from 1-1-1999, i.e. doctors will attend only hospital duties.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”1998″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President : Dr.Alex Franklin

Secretary : Dr.K.N.Prasad

Venue : Thrissur

During this period, the strike by KGMOA protesting against the recommendations in the Pay Revision without a proper job evaluation study relating to doctors, was started and subsequently strengthened the agitational activities.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”1999″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President:Dr. P. N. Raghavan

Secretary : Dr. Sunny P Orathel

Venue :Kottayam Mamman Mappila Hall

During this year there occurred some confusions relating to the withdrawal of direct action against the government immediately on the next day of passing the resolution at Thrissur State Committee Meeting. This year will be remembered as a special year in the history of K G M O A. On September 22nd Dr. Y Kunjachan,of Pathananmthitta, General Hospital, was trapped and arrested by vigilance police in his room. Immediately the district office bearers K G M O A under the leadership of C C Babu, rose to the occasion and alerted the local unit, Dist. Unit and State leaders. They constituted an action committee under the leadership of Dr. Gangadharan pilla and declared agitation in the whole district. For 8 days all the hospitals remain closed in Pathanamthitta. On 29th September an emergency state committee was held at Pathanamthitta and decided to proceed with a statewide noncooperation strke. But on the very next day health minister Sri A C Shanmughadas held a discussion with K G M OA leaders and assured to take urgent steps to formulate guidelines for private practice. Thus the initiation for the guidelines for private practice was started by this Pathanamthitta Kunjachan episode.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”2000″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President : Dr. Rajan Warrier

Secretary : Dr. A.P. Sasikumar

Venue : Thiruvananthapuram National Club

This year witnessed the fulfillment of a long cherished dream of the KGMOA. The Head Quarters Building constructed in the KGMOA’s own land was inaugurated. It is the dynamism of Dr. Rajan Warrier who personally and physically supervised the construction and completion of the Head Quarters Building. KGMOA’s efforts to make flexibility in the private practice guidelines did not succeed due to the interference from external forces torpedoing Sri. V.C. Kabeer’s (Health Minister) goodwill towards KGMOA.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”2001″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President Dr. A.P. Sasikumar

Secretary Dr. Sunny P Orathel and subsequently Dr. Gangadharan Pillai since

Dr. Sunny joined for post graduate course

Venue Kannur – Sadhu Kalyanamantapam

They continued their efforts by conducting discussions with the new government for revision of Government orders on implementation of the specialty cadre and private practice guidelines. Achievements- i). Two seats for super specialty courses for Health Services candidates(For DM), ii). The unfilled seats of lecture quota has been allotted to Health Services doctors, iii). Government has agreed not insist for admission in one man institutions, iiii). Enhancement of remuneration for attending medical camps/medical cover at the rate of rupees 200 for Assistant Surgeons and 300 for Civil Surgeons.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”2002″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President Dr. G. Gangadharan Pillai

Secretary Dr. Poly Joseph

Venue Ernakulam Mermaid Days Inn

During their period government brought out a executive order relating to specialty cadre.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”2003″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President            Dr. K.N. Prasad

Secretary             Dr. C.N. Sugathan

Venue                  Alappuzha – Raiban Auditorium


Initiating Non Cooperation agitation against the Government’s callous attitude towards our demands. During this period Association demanded the removal of Dr. V.K Rajan from the post of Director of Health Services because of his vindictive action against KGMOA.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”2004″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President            Dr. C.C. Babu

Secretary             Dr. M.I Junaid Rahman

Venue                  Manjery – VP Hall


During this period the non-cooperation agitation continued till its withdrawn (26/2/2004). But the demand against the DHS continued and finally Dr. V.K Rajan was removed from post of DHS. Then the issue of Post Graduates Entrance Examination for service candidates came up, about which our members are fully aware off. In this context the relentless services rendered by Dr. Junaid Rahman must be highly appreciated. The systematic accounting of income and expenditure of H.Q.Building started from April 2004.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”2005″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President            Dr. M. Devanandan

Secretary             Dr. B. Mohanadas

Venue                  Pathanamthitta – Aban Arcade       

This year could be recorded as an year of lot of achievements of K G M O A, notable among them are obtaining the govt. orders about Private Practice guidelines and restoration of post mortem allowance. Also this year witnessed the ‘Jose D Cruz’ episodes, which led to one day token strike all over the state. Similarly one month agitation organized by the Pathanamthitta branch against the atrocities of the District Panchayath against Dr. Vinod Kumar of Cherukol P H C.The historic Kozhikode press conference by state leaders about the Health Minister and his personnel staff was instrumental in their removal.  The issues of Dr. Abdul salam (D M O, Kannur ) and Dr.Raveendran Wynad  D M O require special mention.

Some miscreants sent a letter to the LOKAYUKTHA in the name of KGMOA with an ulterior motive and malafide intention. Our State Secretary was summond before the Lokayuktha in this issue.  During this period a huge Building Tax levied against our KGMOA building could be reduced from 1.5 lakhs to Rs.24000, by the combined efforts of Dr.Mohanadas, Dr.Dinesh with the personal relation of Dr.Usman kutty with Kutty Ahammed Kutty, the local Administrative Department Minister.  Water connection was obtained during this period. The water charge was reduced from Rs.8000 TO Rs. 750 only. Also  Dr.Mohandas look the personal care and supervision for paving the tiles inside the  dining Hall.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”2006″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President            Dr. Sunny P.Orathel

Secretary             Dr. M.I.Junaid Rehman

Venue                  39th State Annual-Kalpetta, Wayanad

This year witnessed the grave anomalies in the newly Published pay commission report.KGMOAStarted the Non-co-operation agitation. Also KGMOA could reinstate Dr.Abdul Salam at Kasargod the former acting DMO Kannur.  The relentless efforts for the PG waitage also continued during thisperiod. In spite of our efforts with the then Chief Minister Ommen Chandy and Health MinisterThiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan no rectification of anomaly could be achieved. Then the General Election declaration came. KGMOA started our Non-cooperation started from 17th April. When theLDF Government came in to power; KGMOA leaders met the new L.D.F health Minister and finance Minister and submitted our demands. In spite of several meetings with them nothing came out fruitful.

A mass hunger strike was conducted in front of the secretariat  on 1st July(Doctors day) On 30thAugust one day Token strike was conducted. On the12th September a relay fasting strike was started in Front of the secretariat.  But the strike was called off on next day on receipt of a written agreement from the Health Minister assuring for the implementation of specialty-Administration cadre with the restructuring of the pay scales. Also the Government agreed to form a committee including one member from KGMOA.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”2007″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President            Dr. Sunny P.Orathel

Secretary            Dr. Manoj Narayanan

Venue                40th Annual at Fine Arts Hall Ernakulam

This period witnessed the continuation of the Non-cooperation movement and several rounds of talks with the Health Minister, Other Health Authorities and financial Authorities Some sorts of reconciliation talks were held, notably by Dr.Iqubal. But nothing came out fruitful. Several times we were forced to convene emergency state committee meetings at Trivandrum and Ernakulam during this period. There was some hopes during the meeting with Chief Minister V.S.Achuthanandan who had agreed Special Pay to be considered in place of allowances. But this effort was also failed due to the stubborn attitude of the finance department and we continued our Non-cooperation movement. Then the whole issue was carried to the Hon. High Court of Kerala by Dr.Ganapathy a private Doctor from Kollam. KGMOA has constituted a negotiation committee headed by Dr.K.N.Prasad to deal the issues in the court at Ernakulam.  In spite of several sittings in the court employing a senior supreme court Advocate the court requested the Government to take necessary steps to solve our grievances and requested the association to call off the strike. KGMOA temporally stopped the strike and filed writ Petition in the court. The next hearing was fixed for 13th March 2008.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”2008″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President           Dr. Manoj Narayanan

Secretary           Dr. Joy George

Venue                41st Annual Hotel Raiban Auditorium, Alappuzha

The working group meeting of the Government held on 22.02.2008 rejected our representation on Percentage basis of increase of pay stating that the allowances enhanced from time to time are good enough for compensating anomalies in the pay scale of doctors. This attitude of the Government again provoked our Association and we immediately entered into the war-path.  All the districts contributed for the agitation in their respective districts.  Several times our leaders had discussions with the Authorities and for reconciliation lacks by making use of our good relation with various other organizations. Indian Medical Association also co-operated with our Association in these struggles.  Finally Government was forced to yield and accepted our most of the demands the details are known to our members.

In this connection, the services and leadership qualification of our State President Dr.Manoj Narayanan must be well appreciated.  He along with Dr.Joy George our Secretary fulfilled the long cherished demands of our Association. Particular mention is required about the functioning of Dr.Joy George. He believed in less talking, but more in working.  As and when he receives grievances of our members, he immediately takes his phone, and talks to the concerned authorities with authoritative sound and that the problem could be solved then and there. This attitude of the secretary was appreciated by all KGMOA members.  This will be a good lesson to all the office bearers of KGMOA in future.  All the office bearers either State or District or local office bearers should follow this example.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”2009″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President Dr.M.I.Junaid Rahman

Secretary Dr.O.S.SyamSundar

Venue 42 nd Annual at Kollam-Beach Orcade

This year witnessed a major change in the stand of KGMOA regarding Specialty Cadre. But Government is determined to implement Specialty Cadre despite the oppositions from the Association. There was a major difference of opinion among members. The leadership rose to the occasion and handled the issue promptly.

Dr.Prameela took a courageous move to bring out the atrocities and hardships towards doctors during VIP duties, and a new circular on guidelines on VIP duty was issued by the Government. The leadership quality shown by Dr.Prameela Devi should be an example to other upcoming leaders of KGMOA.

In implementing the 24×7 service, a doctor in the CHC-Vizhinjam was suspended for not attending a premature delivery. The Government was trying to victimize the service doctor for the negligence of a CRS doctor. But she was reinstated in the same station by the timely interference by the KGMOA.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”2010″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President                Dr.Joy George

Secretary                Dr.Prameela Devi S.

Venue                    43 rd Annual at IMA House-Kochi

There was an apprehension about the existence of Association during this period, whether the Association may split into several pieces due to the implementation of Specialty/Administrative cadre. The anti KGMOA forces, who were trying their best from time immemorial, rose their heads to fish from the stagnant water. But under the able leadership of Dr.Joy George and Steel lady Dr.Prameela devi withstood creditably and led the Association during this turbulent period, creditably.

They revived the defunct Palakkad district unit and put it in the correct tract now. Most of the disrupted transfers by the Government which occurred by the implementation of the GAS were rectified during this period.

During this period they tried there level best to convenes our grievances to the pay revision committee. During this period we could re-include our nominee in the TCMC. The number of service quota in PG seats including in super specialty could be enhanced. In Association with IMA, hospital protection  bill was pass in the assembly.

For the first time, TA was sanctioned for Doctors posted in the IDATHAVALAMGAL at Sabarimala. The state President himself physically led the team of Doctors at Sabarimala during PULMEDU TRAGEDY and obtained appreciation from the public and Government. Another PONTHOOVAL in the crown of leadership was the issuing Government Orders enhancing in the medical certificate fee. New KGMOA Buildings/offices at the district level could be started or inaugurated /intiated new buildings at Calicut (24.10.2010), New district office at Ernakulam(09.01.2011), purchasing of a plot at Thrissur and its foundation stone was laid on 05.12.2010.

As a whole the year 2010 could be a considered as a memorable year of achiement in the history of KGMOA.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”2011″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President                Dr. Prameela Devi S.

Secretary                Dr. E.P.Mohanan

Venue                    44th Annual at IMA H.Q.Trivandrum

This year witnessed record-breaking series of agitations and discussions with 2 Governments-LDF and UDF. At first our agitations were against LDF Government  against their callous attitude towards our legitimate demands in their promise of the newly published Pay Commission report. When the new UDF Government came in to power subsequently, Association continued to fight for justice for the already agreed promise made in the New Pay Commission report. All these talks with these two Government were successfully captained by our Dynamic President Smt.S    .Prameela Devi. Her bold and stubborn attitude led to our historical successful implementation of our demands by obtaining the long cherished Government Orders from the present Government. Her team of office bearers consisting of Dr.E.P.Mohanan( Gen.Secretary), Dr. Mohammed Ali P.A(Editor) and Dr.Jamal Ahammed A.(Treasurer) Also this victory is highly indebted to Dr.O.S.Syamsundar the Presidents Nominee in Trivandrum Also special mention is noted for giving a new look to our Journal by editor Dr.P.A.Mohammad Ali. This year is also to be recorded in the History of KGMOA about the Manjeri Hospital incident as Dr.Brasheer Episode. When Dr.Brasheer the Ortho Surgeon was unnecessarily harassed by local political Mafia, the local branch of KGMOA leaders rose to the occasion and subsequently spread the agitation to all over the Malappuram district under the leadership of District President Dr.Suresh.E.T & Secretary Dr.Raoof.A.K with the advice of the State President and finally our authorities yield to their demands. Suspended doctor was reinstated in the same station within 72 hours, made a history in the success of our agitation . This is similar to our previous Kannan Koshi Episode (1984) and Pathanamthitta Kunjachan Episode (1999)-highlighting the importance of immediate and timely actions when undue harassment by the external sources and by authorities occurs.  Similarly our Secretariat Dharna on 25 March 2011 will be recorded in the History wherein Sri.V.M.Sudheeran EX Health Minister   participated and addressed our Dharna expressing his support to our Pay Commission strike.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”2012″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President                Dr. O.Vasudevan

Secretary                Dr. M.Muraleedharan

Treasurer                Dr. P.T.Anil Kumar

Editor                     Dr. Mohammad Ali K.A

Venue                    45th Annual at Tagore Centenary Hall, Calicut.

They continued the efforts of the previous team of office bearers for rectifying the Pay revision anomalies.  At the fag ends of their tenure, Editor and Secretary faced criticisms from our members. Editor faced criticism for the delay in posting the Journals due to the non-obtaining of RNI Concession certificate for the posting from the Department of Information and Broad casting of Government of India. In spite of the delay, his relentless efforts at New Delhi by using his influence at New Delhi, he succeeded in obtaining the RNI certificate. Secretary faced criticisms from members for his absence in a very important State Committee meeting at Ernakulam.  However, State President rose to the occasion and led the team by timely interference and consoling the furious members.

President started his career at a low profile in the early part. But as time passed on, he attained momentum and completed his tenure in a happy note.  First time, he initiated a decentralized working pattern in the Association. Dr.Vasudevan’s vision-succeeded by organizing Zonal-level-conferences in the year along with conducting CME programmes. This venture provided a golden opportunity for peripheral grass root level KGMOA members to interact with the State-Office bearers and get their doubts cleared. Another achievement was the initiation of the formation of a co-ordination committee of office bearers of Southern States of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra and Kerala. This will form a common flat-form for redressing of various of service matters confronting in the service field of Government Doctors. Another achievement of this team was facing the episode of SATHNAM SINGH in the mental Health Centre, Trivandrum, and all the aggrieved doctors were brought back to the mental Health Centre and General Hospital as per their wish.

The initial inertia of the President had disappeared gradually and he climbed to the top form by his two channel appearances one at Ernakulam on 09.09.2012 during the Emergency State Committee meeting and another in Trivandrum on02.12.2012. Another important point to record is the creditable performance of Dr.P.T.Anil kumar the treasurer 2012. He had cleared all the pending arrear bills, and even went to the extent of giving advance to the 46th Kasaragod Annual well in advance of the conference. Throughout his tenure as a treasurer, he maintained a Rigid –Financial discipline, which is essential for a service organization. In fact the “Man of the Match Award” should go to Dr.P.T.Anil kumar-the Treasurer in the 2012-KGMOA cricket Team.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”2013″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

President                Dr. O.S.Syamsundar

Secretary                Dr. E.P.Mohanan

Treasurer                Dr. C.R.Jayasankar

Editor                     Dr. V.Madhu  & Dr.S.Suresh

Venue                     46th Annual at C.C.Babu Nagar,Bekal Club,Padnekkad,Kanhangad,Kasaragod.

This year witnessed so many hectic activities in KGMOA with maximum membership of 3306. The Association year started with the untimely transfer of Dr.Remya- the superintendent of 1st Taluk Hospital with NABH accreditation.  A statewide one day strike came to a grand success and Dr.Remya was re-instated on March 7th. In this context, Dr. Sabusugathan-Alappuzha-District President played a leading role. This year also witnessed the culmination of shifting of Addl.DHS-Vigilance Dr.P.N.Remani from the vigilance post after a marathon agitation which even started from 2012. This year also witnessed the agitation regarding the “Night Duty off.”  The KGMOA organized a DHS office Dharna on 16.01.2014 and on the eve of this Dharna Dr.Pradep-Ophthalmologist of Kunnumkulam was reinstated who was on suspension following a cataract- eye infection episode.

This year witnessed –an Agitation called Malappuram-Episode. It was a long drawn-out-agitation-lasting for nearly 8 months drawing the Government’s attention to the problems in the Malappuram district-including the take over of Manjeri General Hospital- which is going to be part of the new Medical College. Even if we could not convene a statewide agitation, Malappuram district fought for maintaining Manjeri GH and preventing the conversion of the hospital to Medical College. District could convince their demand by relentless efforts and gained local public support.By the end of all modalities of agitation in the district, just before starting an indefinite strike series of discussions were held by district leaders with Health Minister, Health Secretary & DHS.Finally a minuted discussion on 20.12.2013 with Minister agreed to retain General hospital at Manjeri. Here we have to record Dr.E.T Suresh’s ,Dr.M.P.Sathyanarayanan’s & Dr.Raoof’s marathon efforts- off course the branch’s relentless efforts to convince the Government in the GH issue and about the false allegation  made against Dr.Suresh.E.T. At last the “Truth won” .

Our Association could stop the Governments action to post graduate nurses as community Health Officers in sub centres.KGMOA office bearers like Dr.Anil V, and Dr.Vinod Cherian-who visited the flood affected areas in Uthrakant area and gave relief to the affected people.  Also our local district office bearers, rendered, medical aid to the people-who were affected in the land Erosion at Idukki,  Kottayam & Ernakulam.  Also, Governments attempt to give permission to some doctors to form a “Service-Organisation” Label was curtailed by our timely intervention. Similarly, KGMOA website was simplified as www.kgmoa .org and also started KGMOA’s Face Book page.

At the fag end of the Association year, there occurred some misunderstanding and friction between the State President and Malappuram Office bearers, which were solved, after the Annual elections.  Now, all the office bearers of the past and present are moving like a well-oiled machine to keep up the dignity and integrity of our Association.

The services of Dr.Junaid Rahman Past President may be placed in record of the History of KGMOA during this year. His timely helps amidst various conciliation talks with the highest authority (Chief Minister Shri.Oommen Chandy) will be remembered for years to come.

[/mpc_timeline_item][mpc_timeline_item background_color=”#fcfcfc” title_font_color=”#385caf” title=”2014″ content_font_color=”#333333″ hover_background_color=”#efefef” hover_title_color=”#2b53af”]

 President                                Dr. E.P. Mohanan

Secretary                             Dr. E.T Suresh (Joined PG Course) & Dr. Joseph Chacko

Treasurer                            Dr. K.C. Remesan

Editor                                    Dr. Varghese  Abraham

Venue                                  47th Annual at Kottayam  Citizen   Club (Dr. Thomas Varghese Nagar)

This  year,   witnessed   a series   of hectic   activities  in most   of the Districts, But  our state  president Dr. E.P. Mohaan, faced all  there issues   with great ‘kuayX’  and  Masterly   Activity  and   not by   Inactivity.    He faced all issues  with  his immense  past experience  while he was holding   various   posts in the KGMOA   in  his district   of Wayanad   and also   while holding state office   bearer  posts  in the past. He was   ably supported   by his state secretary   Dr. E.T. Suresh  and subsequently   by Dr. Joseph  Chacko  when Dr. E. T Suresh went   for  his PG studies.  This was  quiet   obvious   when his team     met with resistance  from  young   and inexperienced   DMO’s   of various   districts,   notably  among them – Alappuzha, Kannur, Palakkad,   Wayanad,   Kottayam etc.   In this context   Dr. Joseph Chacko’s   stern  handling of the DMO’s were   commentable.    The handling of the   PAYYANNUR  HOSPITAL  CAESAREAN episode   needs special mention.   Here    the cooperation   of the IMA was very helpful   towards the success   of this Payyannur episode.  Similarly   the success  of the   Trivandrum District   branch   Association  in the Vellanad CHC’s   atrocities   by the local Politicians   was very commendable.  Similarly   also the Attingal Hospital   atrocities  by arresting  the culprits   by the HOSPITAL   PROTECTION  ACT.  A very  important   activity by the Thrissur District   of KGMOA   in the chavakkad   Hospital issue  towards   the Gynecologist   by arresting   the culprits  TWO   times  by applying   the HOSPITAL   PROTECTION ACT.

The year   2014   must be remembered   for various   charity activities  undertaken   by various KGMOA   branches, special   mention  by the Malappuram,   Alappuzha, Trivandrum  branches.  The Association   day April 17th was  celebrated  very well by the Idukki  District branch   at Kulamavu Green Berg   Resort.    The Zonal conferences at  Alappuzha  (Hotel  Pagoda)   and  Muvattupuzha (Krishna Regency  Hotel)   appeared  as Mini Annual   Meetings   with Pomp   and style.

Special   mention   is to be recorded  about the  draft  report   of Pay Revision Committee  led by Dr. O.S. Syamsundar   our Past   President.  The legal cell Chairman Dr. Salims’  contribution   is also needs   special mention. The financial   discipline   maintain by   State Treasurer   Dr. K.C Remesan is highly   appreciated.   The sudden   illness  of Dr. Sathyanarayanan  M.P, the district President  of Malappuram   has to be mentioned  sympathetically  during this year.  The stand  of KGMOA, against starting  of New Medical  Colleges by changing board of DH & GH without infrastructure facilities   by the Government,   was well  appreciated  by the other   brother   organizations.  With the declaration of a statewide agitation after take over of GH Manjeri ,government dropped disciplinary proceedings against the 22 doctors who have not given option to work in Manjeri  Medical College and Government also agreed them to work in the hospital with health service norms. At the end of the year 30.12.2014, in principle G.O for new General Hospital at Manjeri  was released .Palakkad district leaders Dr.Velayudhan & Dr.Sureshkumar taken strong stand  in the district against the conversion of Palakkad DH to a Medical College.

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President                :               Dr. S. Prameela Devi

Secretary             :               Dr. Joseph Chacko

Treasurer            :               Dr. K.C. Remesan

Editor                    :               Dr. G.S. Suresh Babu

Venue                  :               48th Annual at Wayanad “The Hill District Club”

This  year,  our association   has passed  through  a hectic   period, ie a turbulent   period.  We had to adopt   agitation    against   government  to achieve   our demands.  There   were a lot of discussions   with the health minister   and even with the chief Minister.  A non medical person posted as state mental Health Cordinator was removed from the post upon KGMOA dharna at DHS office.Our State  President  and Secretary   were regularly   visiting   secretariat   to meet the   higher officials  to get various   Government Orders and even the minutes  of the discussion we had with the Government.

Government   wanted   to start   ops   in the medical   college of   Pathanamthitta   and even in the   Trivandrum General  hospital  against  our  strong    protests.  We could   succeed in  Pathanamthitta   General hospital & Thiruvananthapuram General Hospital   which irritated   the health Minister   and health secretary.  All the  discussions   with  health   minister   and even with the   chief minister failed  to resolve   the issues.  The various   memorandums   submitted  to them  were misplaced  in the secretariat.  Our State   president   made several   visits  to the secretariat   to trace the minutes   but failed  miserably.  Finally   Chief Minister  intervened  and obtained  the minutes.  Our PG   issue  proposal   and file   also  was misplaced  in Secretary’s   office.

This year, Association   organized  a vahana prajarana  jadha  named as “POTHUJANAROGYA SAMRAKSHANA JADHA involving   all the 14th District   branches to create   awareness  among the public and media   against  the Government’s policies that badly affect  the public   health like setting up of new medical colleges by changing boards of GH and DH of Health services and also upgradation of various hospitals by simply changing the names  ,exposing the deficiencies in the Health services department & also raising various other demands.  KGMOA   got a good   appreciation   for our  venture  from the public   and various  media. We organised Secretariat  Dharna   and Fasting Strike by State   office bearers   which was unique. Finally Gov  created  134 new   posts     of doctors  in the causality Departments.  This created   a good  impression  that we are fighting     for public   health   protection   also. HR cell in DHS office was reconstituted for our promotion. Controversial night duty order was cancelled. OP time of PHC and CHCs were unified as 9am to 2pm.Two year block of PG deputation benefits were also re instated.Thus,  the year   2015 was a  productive   year  in the history of KGMOA.

On Dr.Ayshas suspension from GH,Thiruvananthapuram following a death of a media person in the casualty KGMOA lodged an intense agitation that resulted in reinstating Dr.Aysha in the same institution within 72 hours was a great success.

Our   membership   rose to a record   membership   to 3658  which will   go a long  way for   progress   of KGMOA.

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President                            Dr.Madhu V

Hon.Gen.Secretary         Dr.Raoof A.K

State Treasurer                Dr.Jyothilal S

Managing Editor               Dr.Anil  V

Venue: 49th   Annual Conference held at Kannur on 24 the January at KAIRALI HERITAGE

A year which witnessed hectic activities ,the ‘Lions share’ of which were related to correction of THE PAY REVISION anomalies. Govt had stopped Higher start in basic pay. No hike was given for casualty Allowance. Special pay decreased and many other anomalies were present. KGMOA protest started  by doing more work on a day .On the MAY DAY our members conducted the  Medical Camps declaring it as SOLIDARITY DAY. On 6th September, organized a Secretariat Dharna which was historic with a participation of more than 1350 members from all 14 districts. On the First ONAM , KGMOA conducted   the  Mass-Fast Dharna in front of the Secretariat. Government called KGMOA for discussion & the strike was withdrawn after settling the issues with a   written minutes on the condition that Government Order will come within a month.

But the GO when released, even though reinstated the higher start, it was not in consistent with the strike settlement minutes. KGMOA again declared a strike. At last Government had to yield to our demands. During the month of January 2017 authorities invited for high level discussion with Government including  Finance Department. They finally agreed to compensate for loss of difference in higher start Pay by giving Personal Pay after a series of marathon deliberations. Special Pay to specialist & administrative Cadre doctors was increased. CMO Allowance, Rural & Difficult Rural Allowance, PM Allowance  were enhanced. New Allowance declared for Super Specialist doctors. Ultimately they had to  yield to our demands and it was a  Golden Feather in the Cap of KGMOA. State Committee under the leadership Dr.Madhu.V & Dr.Raoof.A.K  had shown good planning, constant hard work to achieve the goal.

Protest by KGMOA against changing the Boards of Districts/General Hospital into Medical College without making necessary  facilities was also witnessed in the beginning of the year. The State Committee meeting held at Tirur strongly  opposed the Government move to convert Trivandrum General Hospital and W&C Thycaud  hospital into Medical College. At last Government changed their policy to start Medical College at TVM & PATHANAMTHITTA. In this connection the relentless efforts made earlier by our Iron Lady Dr.Prameela is to be mentioned.

Even while agitations of Pay revision  were ongoing, our leaders attended to many other issues like “Atrocities “ in Kottarakkara and Arookutyy along with IMA. A Gynaecologist was attacked by relatives of a pregnant lady who died following Amniotic Fluid embolism.Kgmoa went on strike at Kottarakkara. After a month we could arrest the culprits when we moved to court. A doctor was attacked & locked in his house by a mob in connection with death of a patient at Arukutty..But KGMOA by alerting the Government ,he was removed from the scene.KGMOA  Alappuzha declared Strike in the midnight itself.With the warning of state wide Strike by State Leaders  all culprits were arrested Under HPA.

Amidst many protests & agitations, KGMOA also involved in many other Association Activities. Three Zonal Workshops were conducted to study problems in the different Cadres & to evolve  a solution. KGMOA after discussion in each District, formed proposal for Health Policy & submitted to the Dr.Ikbal Committee appointed by the Government. Association awards were arranged to Media person(Dr.Satyanarayanan Memorial Award) & a voluntary social worker(Dr.Satheesh memorial Award) for their contribution to health sector. Many branch activities were appreciated especially Amruthakiranam programme – an initiative to give awareness for immunisation launched by Ernakulam Branch  and a State level Badminton tournament conducted by Kottayam District. Association day held was at Kozhikode Raviz Kadavu & Golden Jubilee Celebration held at Bolgatty palace,Kochi were memorable.

This year also witnessed the completion of data bank of members- the updated KGMOA membership-MASTER REGISTER. Our membership also rose to a record of 4225.

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President                     Dr.Madhu V

Hon.Gen.Secretary     Dr.Raoof A.K

State Treasurer            Dr.Jyothilal S

Managing Editor         Dr.Anil  V

Venue                          Ernakulam-BOLGATTY PALACE

51st Annual                  SUVARNA JUBILEE

Membership –              4398

Trivandrum District leading in membership with 530 members. Malappuram comes second with membership 450.

This year, KGMOA demanded increasing the member of doctors by revising staff pattern of 1962. Also this year KGMOA took very active interest in the pay revision issue and Medical College issue. KGMOA extended co-operation to the Government proposals of ARDRAM and comprehensive health care and E-health. A committee was elected to consider the issues relating to clinical establishment Bill and similarly Health Policy formulation Bill.  Association informed Government about our deep concern over the Parassala Hospital incident.

Combined State Committee was held in Trissur and Association Day was celebrated at Moonar in Idukki. For the First time, Sports and Cultural wing was established in our Association, Sports and Games competition were conducted in Kottayam district.

Renovation of KGMOA Building was undertaken in this year. 6 TV Sets were installed in 6 rooms and a new one is kept in the conference hall (49 inch TV) New Public address system was placed in the conference hall and also a centralized AC and 8CC TV cameras were installed in the building.

The most important achievement is the extension of retirement Age of our members. Here the efforts of our State President and Secretary is to be specially mentioned. Another important achievement is the Non Availability Certificate issue. (NAC)  issue. We also succeeded in bringing back the working hrs to 5 hrs/day from the 36 hrs/week change brought in by the Government.

Dr. Jayanandan

(KGMOA) Senior Past leader